CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Solutions - What's Inside:

Intuitive Product Configuration Engine

Capture knowledge about your customizable products once, and then share with dealers and your sales force—on any device—to make selection and configuration intuitive and error-free. You can deploy the configurator for a specific function, or across all your applications and computing platforms.

Comprehensive Quoting and Ordering System (Sales Portal)

See what you’re customizing during quoting and ordering. Enjoy detailed visualization, and abandon sales manuals, spreadsheets, and disparate software. Quickly train new sales people and extend this powerful visualization to dealers, distributors, and customers.

Auto-generated 2D and 3D Product Imagery

Accelerate the design and delivery of configured products, while reducing costs and freeing up your engineers to do higher value work with Infor 3D Design Automation. Use this solution in conjunction with Product Configurator to automate the generation of configuration-specific detailed 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing information for individual customer orders.

Automation Documentation

Deliver personalized proposals, submittals, and other sales documents with unprecedented ease. Generate personalized documents that include product information and images on demand from virtually any application—on-premise or in the cloud.