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Why CPQ Software?

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) - What It Is

  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Product Configuration System - A Total Solution
  • What Makes CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Different?

    • Sales / Customer Service
      • Fast and easy quotes
      • Tailored proposals
      • On any device
    • Marketing
      • Multiple sales channels
      • Full range of offerings
      • Dynamic content
    • Engineering
      • 2D/3D design automation
      • Engineering algorithms
      • Product variants
    • Manufacturing
      • Accurate bills of material
      • Accurate routings
      • Accurate shop orders
    • Integrated
      • ERP - works with your systems
      • CRM - works with your systems
      • CAD - works with your systems
      • WEB - take it anywhere, any browser / device


CPQ Integration - Works With Your Systems

  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is Designed to Work with Your ERP, CRM, or CAD
    • Deep, out of the box integration with Oracle, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics AX systems
    • Integration with many other major ERP systems
    • Integration with CAD and CRM systems
    • CPQ enhances ERP allowing you to increase sales, be more efficient, and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) with faster implementation & deployment

      CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is designed to work with your systems – whether it’s ERP, CRM, or CAD

  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Sales Portal

    • Perfect Quoting: Rapid, accurate, web-based quoting, configuration and ordering
    • Integrated Pricing: Simple to manage and dynamic
    • Margin Management: Markup and margin management for your trading partners
    • Document Automation: Proposal, warrantee and other sales-related document generation based on the configuration 
  • CPQ Product Configurator

    • Visual Modeling: Dynamic content generation including 2D, 3D, and photo imaging
    • Object Based Modeling: Rules, Expressions, User Screens are treated as objects that can be linked with other configurations, making modeling more modular and easier to manage and update
    • No Super-BOM: Multi-level BOM and route generation, eliminating SuperBOMs
    • Dynamic BOM: Bills of Materials are generated during configuration and feature, options, and valid selections for ATO (assemble-to-order) and PTO (pick-to-order)
    • Multi-Organizational Sourcing: Easier to implement and setup an integrated environment with dynamic routing and elimination of Super-BOM for each organization
    • Integrated Pricing: Simple to manage and more dynamic.  No need to maintain pricing formulas separately in data-tables, and option based pricing is fully integrated into the modeling environment.  CPQ also interacts fully with Oracle Pricing or Advanced Pricing modules as required

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software integrates with most ERP, CRM and CAD systems, and has deep, out of the box integration with several major systems. Give the power of advanced CPQ (Configure Price Quote) technology to your entire network and customer base. 

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The CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Advantage

  • Increase Sales
    • Improve accuracy of quotes & orders
    • Increase win rate based on faster response and better quotes/proposals
    • Enable people everywhere - perform quoting and ordering in the field using mobile devices
    • Leverage new sales channels or methods
    • Differentiate your company through a distinctively better sales process

  • Reduce Engineering Costs

    • Improve the completeness of manufacturing information for sales orders
    • Reduce the effort required to maintain BOMs and Routings
    • Reduce the time it takes to get BOMs, routings, and drawings for sales orders
    • Reduce the amount of engineering support needed by sales

  • Improve Dealer Relations 

    • Improve quote collaboration between dealers and territory managers
    • Attract more dealers or increase dealer share by making it easier to quote your products
    • Reduce the time it takes to get a new sales rep or dealer productive
    • Enable growth by capturing product knowledge in a way that makes it easier to add sales people and partners and get them productive more quickly

  • Reduce Operating Costs and Risk

    • Streamlining interaction among sales, engineering and manufacturing
    • Getting the product produced the first time

Give the power of advanced CPQ (Configure Price Quote) technology to your entire network and customer base. With this image-driven, easy-to-use solution, you'll guarantee one vision from order to delivery—and be able to cut costs and boost profits.

CPQ Customers Enjoy These Benefits, And You Can Too

  • Higher percentage of sales reps achieve quote*
  • Higher lead conversion rates*
  • Higher deal size / contract value*
  • More proposals delivered with less resources used*
  • Shorten sales cycle times*
  • Differentiated brand
  • Improved customer and dealer experience / service
  • Ensure quote and order accuracy

*Findings from Aberdeen Group research 2013

Many of the world's leading companies trust CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software to increase sales, reduce costs, and differentiate their brand. CPQ can be used within your ERP, CRM, eCommerce, mobile and other custom apps saving you much time and expense, and increasing the consistency of your customers’ buying experience across all channels.


CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software Addresses Important Issues

  • Fewer Errors - Modern CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software serves as an end-to-end mechanism for taking orders, recording specifications, and communicating all relevant information to everyone involved. Offering a single source of information to everyone working on an order can eliminate errors that result from miscommunication or misunderstanding. In addition, CPQ systems can help sales reps build quotes that account for manufacturing constraints, thus avoiding the sale of configurations that can’t be manufactured or are not profitable.
  • Greater Flexibility - It’s common to have several orders in process simultaneously when customization and configuration become routine practice. That can require a level of detailed attention across your enterprise that can be
    impossible to achieve with manual techniques such as spreadsheets or handwritten ledgers. By using a CPQ software that organizes all of the distinct operations involved in each individual job, you make it easier for managers to set appropriate priorities according to job and operation. This way, the occasional rush order can be completed without creating excess cost or causing undue delays in other orders.
  • Less Scrap - When your sales reps create estimates and quotes, a modern CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution can accurately outline all the materials and resources that any custom order will require at the time they quote the job. This helps to minimize unnecessary scrap and wasted effort.
  • More Profitable Orders - Software-driven product configuration can incorporate labor and material cost information, which helps ensure that the price quoted for any project meets profitability targets. Companies can also improve upsell and add-on sales by using CPQ to show customers a wider range of possibilities.
  • Greater Opportunity to Re-use Designs - Integrated CPQ software reduces the need to start projects from scratch, as many projects consist of modifications or enhancements of previous projects.

Our CPQ Software is Comprehensive and Features the Following Solutions

  • Intuitive Product Configuration Engine - Capture knowledge about your customizable products once, and then share with dealers and your sales force—on any device—to make selection and configuration intuitive and error-free.
  • Comprehensive Quoting and Ordering System - See what you’re customizing during quoting and ordering. Enjoy detailed visualization, and abandon sales manuals, spreadsheets, and disparate software.
  • Auto-generated 2D and 3D Product Imagery - Bring your highly detailed products to life for customers, allowing them to immediately confirm the product, its features, and add-on options. Reduce order errors and generate configuration-specific outputs for future use. Use CAD technology to automatically generate
    configuration-specific models, drawings, and manufacturing information. Accelerate design and delivery, while reducing cost and engineering time.
  • Automated Documentation - Deliver personalized proposals, responses, and other sales documents with unprecedented ease. Generate personalized documents that include product information and images on demand from virtually any application — on-premise or in the cloud.

Better Business Through Product Focused CPQ

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software offers opportunities for growth and profitability that manufacturers can’t afford to ignore. A CPQ system allows you to:
  • Streamline every aspect of your product configuration.
  • Differentiate your products from the competition.
  • Increase accuracy to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Accelerate new product introductions and additions to existing lines.
Modern CPQ solutions help manufacturers eliminate some of the complexity of configured and customized product manufacturing—which can help them offer customers valuable new options profitably.

Specialized By Industry, Functionality For Success

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software delivers industry-specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors of custom products, including:

No matter how complex your multi-site, global scenario, you must be able to respond quickly and accurately to customer demand, which includes producing customized products on the tightest of schedules to the most stringent customer specifications.

Vehicles — Specialty and Marine
Cut your costs and increase sales—whether you manufacture fire or rescue vehicles, tactical use defense vehicles, commercial buses, or marine vehicles.

Aerospace Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)
Quickly refurbish or produce custom parts for commercial airlines, smaller regional airlines, charter companies, military organizations, and private and business aircraft owners.

Pumps and Meters
Perfect your company's ordering and configuring, while more effectively juggling thousands of flow, diameter, and mounting combinations.

Agricultural Equipment
Increase accuracy to better manage seasonal demand, international competition, and materials costs.
Doors and Windows
Profitably manage as-promised complexity, while conquering shifts in demand, regional preferences, and the singular challenges of door/window distribution.

Counter intense price competition and intense regulation with accuracy and innovation that can help you sell more custom household and office  furniture.
Medical Devices
Use CPQ to be more competitive and successfully navigate your product liability, patent, and IP concerns.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Use product configuration to help alleviate energy consumption and refrigerant regulation challenges, whether you're an HVAC manufacturer or a distributor.
Plastic Fabrication
Increase sales, accuracy, and configured product innovations, despite fluctuating crude oil prices and interest rates.
Printing and Packaging
Use configure price quote to boost your business, despite declining demand and do-it-yourself alternatives.
Enjoy deep support for visual catalog selection, kitting of multi-product solutions and systems, and the ability to configure orders specific to extensive promotion requirements.
Fashion Embellishment
Get a handle on your thousands of jewel, embroidery, and fabric combinations—and turn them into a competitive strength.


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CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software

is comprehensive quoting software that allows you to:

  • increase sales
  • reduce costs
  • differentiate your brand