Window & Door Manufacturing CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software

As a door and window manufacturer, you know producing or distributing consumer-influenced products is only part of the challenge. You have to profitably manage this as-promised complexity in a volatile business environment with frequent and significant shifts in demand, material costs, and regional preferences. And in recent years you’ve also had to contend with growing competition from global manufacturers and distributors.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for Window & Door Manufacturers

You can address your need to increase business performance with a software solution designed specifically to address the door and window business challenges associated with as-promised goods. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software gives you the capabilities you need to manage the complexities of your business so you can increase sales, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand.

“Infor Sales Portal provides our dealers with on-line quote, order, and status capabilities, which is the key to continuing our steady growth in sales.”
—Kevin Blansett, General Manager, Quaker Windows & Doors

With CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software, you can reduce costs, speed sales, and accelerate delivery times by improving order accuracy, automatically generating sales documents, and decreasing errors from manual input.

Exclusive Whitepaper: Five Ways to Build Customer Engagement and Boost Sales with CPQ Software

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software will give your sales and distribution teams powerful capabilities to increase the business you quote and the orders you win, whether you deal in replacement windows or custom creations requiring non-standard slats and finishes. Everyone selling your products will have the tools they need to quickly and easily find the exact product configuration of specs, design, finish, and hardware and automatically generate a proposal that meets a customer’s requirements.

View the 4 minute CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Window & Door Demo Video Here:

Window & Door Manufacturers CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Video Demo

ERP Manufacturing Software

Window & Door Manufacturing CPQ Software Empowers You To:

  • Boost sales performance
  • Be a preferred distributor
  • Help customers visualize their order
  • Better manage new styles and pricing
  • Upsell more effectively
  • Reduce labor requirements
  • Deliver the perfect order
  • Automate manufacturing and shipping instructions
  • Reduce labor requirements
  • Create a consistent buying experience
  • Give customers a rich visual experience
  • Offer Flexible designs

Manage As-Promised Product Demand

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software for Window & Door Manufacturing provides tools that help you increase your sales, reduce your costs, and differentiate your brand.