CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for Specialty Vehicles, Marine, Boats / Ship Building, Watercraft,  Fire / Rescue Vehicles, Commercial Buses, Marine Vehicles, RV, Defense / Military Vehicles, & Trailers

Manufacturing and selling specialty vehicles, boats and yachts offers some unique business challenges. Providing customers with a product that is designed principally for their need or enjoyment might seem like an easy sell, but it’s not. It’s a complex undertaking, requiring you to manage hundreds - and often thousands - of unique customer options and configurations, materials, manufacturing processes, and relationships with dealers. With CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software, you’ll be able to thrive on this complexity. You’ll be able to produce high-quality vehicles & boats, and work efficiently with dealers to deliver a consistently positive customer experience.

CPQ Software gives your sales force, dealers, and distributors powerful capabilities to address all of your customers’ specific requirements. Your sales team will have the tools they need to quickly and easily find the exact configuration that meets a customer’s requirements-giving you an advantage over your competitors.

 CPQ Configure Price Quote Software for Specialty Vehicles and Marine

Godlan is a proud member of NMMA - National Marine Manufacturers AssociationSpecialty vehicle and marine buyers typically have very specific requirements. With CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software solutions, your sales team can more easily find the vehicle configuration that’s best suited to your customer’s needs, helping you win the order.

With CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solutions, you can reduce costs by improving order accuracy, automatically generating sales documents, and decreasing manual input. Also, improving how customers think of your company makes it easier to sell vehicles, and to retain customers for after-sales service and repeat business.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software for Specialty vehicle and marine


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Strengthen Your Brand with CPQ for Specialty Vehicles & Marine:

  • More Accurate Orders
  • Deliver the Perfect Boat or Vehicle
  • Automated Manufacturing Instructions
  • Reduce Labor Requirements
  • Innovate Faster
  • Create a Consistent Buying Experience
  • Deliver Quality