Pump and Meter Manufacturing CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software

For manufacturers of configured pumps, meters, or other material handling systems, complexity is at the core of their business - with intricate product lines. Nearly every customer wants you to fulfill a unique set of requirements from thousands of variables—like flow, diameter, fittings, shape, mountings, and controls. Your distribution channel is also multifaceted. In addition, your internal operations are complex. Production equipment and processes become more sophisticated each year, which means you need a highly skilled workforce that can keep pace.

There’s only one way to keep up, and that’s to find ways to streamline processes and simplify business complexities. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software gives you capabilities to manage the complexities inherent in manufacturing configured pumps and meters, so you increase sales, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand.

CPQ for Pump and Meter Manufacturers (Configure Price Quote)

Increase Sales with CPQ for Pump and Meter Manufacturers

Boost sales performance - Significantly reduce the learning curve for new sales reps, so they can demonstrate the engineering knowledge about your products that customers expect.

Make it easy for distributors - Make it easy for distributors to quote their own product and service add-ons, so they can present a single integrated quote to their customers. They’ll be able to use a 24X7 self-service online order configuration and management system to reach more customers and deliver a better combination of products and services.

Help customers visualize their order - Give your sales team visualization tools to use in the quoting process, which allows customers to see realistic images of the available options and their final order.

Better manage product innovation - Quickly and efficiently develop new products to meet marketplace demands for technical innovation. You can roll out new products, options, and pricing electronically, according to your exact plan.

Upsell more effectively - Sales reps receive tools to help them offer high-margin options that improve the profit-per-sale. As the order is configured, even new reps are able to see the projected profit, so they can make timely suggestions to meet overall margin objections and fulfill customer requirements.

CLICK HERE to view a demo walk-through video of CPQ Software for the Pump and Meter Manufacturing industry.

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Reduce Costs with CPQ for Pump and Meter Manufacturers

  • Deliver the Perfect Order

  • Automate Manufacturing Instructions

  • Reduce Labor Requirements

  • Innovate Faster

  • Deliver Quality

Strengthen Your Brand with CPQ for Pump and Meter Manufacturers

With CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software, you'll compete better by shortening cycle times, increasing order accuracy, and enabling distributors to provide more high-value consultative support to customers. New tools make customer ordering smooth and hassle-free, while increasing process efficiency and accuracy. You can deliver an exact order—on time.