Deep, Out of the Box Integration with Oracle, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics AX Systems

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is designed to work with your systems – whether it’s ERP, CRM, or CAD. While we have out of the box or "native" integration with several major ERP, CRM, and CAD systems - CPQ is flexible and integrates with most any system prevalent in the marketplace today.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is Designed to Work with Your ERP, CRM, or CAD











CPQ Integration - Works With Your Systems


  • Deep, out of the box integration with Oracle, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics AX systems
  • Integration with many other major ERP systems
  • Integration with CAD and CRM systems
  • CPQ enhances ERP allowing you to increase sales, be more efficient, and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) with faster implementation & deployment

CPQ Product Configurator

  • Visual Modeling: Dynamic content generation including 2D, 3D, and photo imaging
  • Object Based Modeling: Rules, Expressions, User Screens are treated as objects that can be linked with other configurations, making modeling more modular and easier to manage and update
  • No Super-BOM: Multi-level BOM and route generation, eliminating SuperBOMs
  • Dynamic BOM: Bills of Materials are generated during configuration and feature, options, and valid selections for ATO (assemble-to-order) and PTO (pick-to-order)
  • Multi-Organizational Sourcing: Easier to implement and setup an integrated environment with dynamic routing and elimination of Super-BOM for each organization
  • Integrated Pricing: Simple to manage and more dynamic.  No need to maintain pricing formulas separately in data-tables, and option based pricing is fully integrated into the modeling environment.  CPQ also interacts fully with Oracle Pricing or Advanced Pricing modules as required

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Sales Portal

  • Perfect Quoting: Rapid, accurate, web-based quoting, configuration and ordering
  • Integrated Pricing: Simple to manage and dynamic
  • Margin Management: Markup and margin management for your trading partners
  • Document Automation: Proposal, warrantee and other sales-related document generation based on the configuration 


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