Find the CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software for Your Industry

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer or distributor of highly configured products or solutions, you face a variety of business challenges, including shifting demands. Customers today expect an unprecedented level of customization— with prices and service to match. To be successful, you need to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales, manufacturing, engineering, and marketing.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software for Medical Device Manufacturers & Distributors

Medical device manufacturers can only survive over the long term if they find ways to efficiently manage the complexity and risk that’s inherent in this type of manufacturing. With CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for Medical Device Manufacturers & Distributors, you get capabilities to streamline quoting, selling, manufacturing, and other business processes so your company can thrive.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software for Window & Door Manufacturers & Distributors

As a door and window manufacturer, you know producing or distributing consumer-influenced products is only part of the challenge. You have to profitably manage this as-promised complexity in a volatile business environment with frequent and significant shifts in demand, material costs, and regional preferences. And in recent years you’ve also had to contend with growing competition from global manufacturers and distributors.

CPQ Software for Machine & Equipment Manufacturing & Distribution

Like nearly every Machinery and Equipment manufacturer or distributor, your business is under constant pressure. On the demand side, you face long-standing issues such as cyclical and seasonal demand. You must also address the challenges from new international competitors on your home turf, and be able to position your company to exploit potential growth opportunities overseas. On the supply side, price fluctuations of steel and other materials challenge your bottom line. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software gives you the capabilities you need to manage the complexities inherent in manufacturing Machinery and Equipment, so you can increase revenue, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software for Specialty Vehicle & Marine

Manufacturing and selling specialty vehicles, boats and yachts offers some unique business challenges. Providing customers with a product that is designed principally for their need or enjoyment might seem like an easy sell, but it’s not. It’s a complex undertaking, requiring you to manage hundreds - and often thousands - of unique customer options and configurations, materials, manufacturing processes, and relationships with dealers. With CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software, you’ll be able to thrive on this complexity. You’ll be able to produce high-quality vehicles & boats, and work efficiently with dealers to deliver a consistently positive customer experience.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for Furniture  Manufacturers & Distributors

Furniture manufacturers today have to offer hundreds or thousands of options and often expect that virtually every order is a unique one that must be fulfilled accurately and efficiently. But this make-to-order (MTO) business model isn’t the only complex challenge. Household and office furniture manufacturers must also contend with intense price competition from low-cost countries, a high sensitivity to shifts in the economy and interest rates, numerous safety and environmental regulations, and shortages in skilled labor. There’s only one way to keep up - create a strategy that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of sales, manufacturing, engineering, and marketing, thereby enabling increased sales, reduced costs, and a stronger brand. 

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for Aerospace Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

As your sales representatives and business development agents call on critical corporate accounts or individual aircraft owners, CPQ (Configure Price Quote) can be the tool that helps you to win the business. You’ll be able to convince large commercial airlines, smaller regional airlines, charter companies, military organizations, and private and business aircraft owners that you can help them quickly identify the exact components for their requirements and create a project plan that meets their need for fast turnaround and tight cost controls.

CPQ for the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Industry

Manufacturers of configured commercial refrigeration and other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems businesses are under pressure from all sides. They face longstanding pressures like cyclical and seasonal demand. There’s also new pressure on sales and margins from competitors and manufacturing in low-cost countries. On the supply side, fluctuations in material and component costs are a constant challenge. They also have to manage complex regulatory requirements for the use of refrigerants, the energy consumption of your products, and pollution from your manufacturing operations. It’s a complex, capital-intensive business and there’s only one way to keep up: increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations, sales, and marketing departments.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for Pump and Meter CPQ

For manufacturers of configured pumps, meters, or other material handling systems, complexity is at the core of their business - with intricate product lines. Nearly every customer wants you to fulfill a unique set of requirements from thousands of variables—like flow, diameter, fittings, shape, mountings, and controls. Your distribution channel is also multifaceted. In addition, your internal operations are complex. Production equipment and processes become more sophisticated each year, which means you need a highly skilled workforce that can keep pace. There’s only one way to keep up, and that’s to find ways to streamline processes and simplify business complexities.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for Plastic Fabrication CPQ

Organizations face frequent and significant fluctuations in the price of crude oil and other materials, as well as swings caused by changing economic conditions, interest rates, and seasonal factors. Complicating matters are other pressures, such as the need to offer a more varied product line and the goal of bringing products to market faster through a complex distribution channel. Overcoming the inherent volatility and complexity in plastic fabrication isn’t easy. But the right tools can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales, manufacturing, engineering, and marketing teams.