Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Industry CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software

Manufacturers of configured commercial refrigeration and other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems businesses are under pressure from all sides. They face longstanding pressures like cyclical and seasonal demand. There’s also new pressure on sales and margins from competitors and manufacturing in low-cost countries. On the supply side, fluctuations in material and component costs are a constant challenge. They also have to manage complex regulatory requirements for the use of refrigerants, the energy consumption of your products, and pollution from your manufacturing operations.

It’s a complex, capital-intensive business and there’s only one way to keep up: increase the efficiency and
effectiveness of the operations, sales, and marketing departments. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) gives you capabilities to manage the complexities inherent in manufacturing and selling configured refrigeration and HVAC equipment, so you increase revenue, cut costs, and strengthen your brand.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Industry CPQ (Configure Price Quote)


Boost sales performance - CPQ (Configure Price Quote) can significantly reduce the learning curve for new sales reps, so they demonstrate the engineering knowledge about your products that customers expect.

Make it easy for distributors - CPQ (Configure Price Quote) makes it easy for distributors and outside reps to quote their own product and service add-ons, so they present a single integrated quote to the customer. They’ll be able to use a 24X7 self-service online order configuration and management system to reach more customers and deliver a better combination of products and services.

Let customers visualize their order - CPQ (Configure Price Quote) gives your sales network the tools to show customers detailed images of available options, final orders, and relevant information such as energy efficiency.

Better manage product innovation - CPQ (Configure Price Quote) helps you quickly and efficiently develop new products to meet marketplace and government demands for technical innovation. You can roll out new products, options, and pricing electronically according to your exact plan.

Upsell more effectively - Sales reps receive tools to help them offer high-margin options that improve the profit-per-sale.

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HVAC Manufacturers & Distributors Increase Sales with CPQ

  • Boost Sales Performance

  • Make it Easy for Distributors

  • Let Customers Visualize Their Order

  • Better Manage Product Innovation

  • Upsell More Effectively

Reduce Costs with CPQ for HVAC Manufacturers & Distributors

With CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for HVAC, you’ll reduce costs and speed sales by improving order accuracy, increasing equipment utilization, and better managing the cost of materials, subassemblies, and components.