Furniture Manufacturing Industry CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software

Furniture manufacturers today have to offer hundreds or thousands of options and often expect that virtually every order is a unique one that must be fulfilled accurately and efficiently. But this make-to-order (MTO) business model isn’t the only complex challenge. Household and office furniture manufacturers must also contend with intense price competition from low-cost countries, a high sensitivity to shifts in the economy and interest rates, numerous safety and environmental regulations, and shortages in skilled labor.

There’s only one way to keep up - create a strategy that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of sales, manufacturing, engineering, and marketing, thereby enabling increased sales, reduced costs, and a stronger brand. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solutions are designed to help companies that manufacture and sell custom furniture and window treatments meet these strategic objectives.


Furniture Manufacturing Industry CPQ (Configure Price Quote)


  • Boost sales performance - Significantly reduce the learning curve for new sales reps, so they can quickly attain better quote-to-order ratios.
  • Make it easy for dealers - Make it easy for retailers and other distributors to quote their own product add-ons and services in order to present a single integrated quote to the customer. You’ll become the easiest brand for them to sell.
  • Help customers visualize their order - Provide your sales team with visualization tools to use in the ordering process, so customers see realistic images of style and accessory choices they make for furniture pieces or window treatments.
  • Better manage product transitions - Manage transitions quickly and easily as you create a new line-up of offerings. You can roll out new fabrics, finishes, dimensions, and pricing electronically and according to your exact plan.
  • Upsell more effectively - Sales reps receive tools to help them offer high-margin accessories and features that improve the profit-per-sale.

CLICK HERE to view a demo walk-through video of CPQ Software for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry.

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Increase Sales with CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

  • Boost Sales Performance

  • Make it Easy for Dealers

  • Help Customers Visualize Their Order

  • Better Manage Product Transitions

  • Upsell More Effectively

Strengthen Your Brand with CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Differentiate your company from competitors with CPQ (Configure Price Quote). Make the ordering process smooth and enjoyable for customers, while increasing efficiency and accuracy. By delivering exactly what the customer ordered - on time - your sales channel will be able to sell more custom furniture and window treatments, increase after-sales service, and generate repeat business.