Increase Sales, Reduce Costs, &  Differentiate Your Brand with CPQ for the Distribution Industry

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software has broad functionality for the Distribution industry. Enjoy deep support for visual catalog selection, kitting of multi-product solutions and systems, and the ability to configure orders specific to extensive promotion requirements.

In today’s distribution industry, brand commoditization is a growing concern, and customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Some distributors are differentiating themselves from their competition by using CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software to simplify complex choices for customers and become easier to do business with.

Using CPQ software can help you achieve three important competitive advantages:

1.    Simplify customer choices

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software for Distribution & Distributors

2.    Create a standardized body of knowledge

3.    Diversify the business with new services

In an age of increasing competition, find out what to look for in CPQ software and how it can help you provide a better customer experience—the key to brand differentiation and long-term growth.


CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software: Product Configuration System - A Total Solution


  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is designed to works with your systems – whether it’s ERP, CRM, or CAD

  • Increase Sales, Reduce Costs, &  Differentiate Your Brand with CPQ

  • Enjoy Fewer Errors, Greater Flexibility, & More Profitable Orders with CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software